Do Adderall Pills Work to help Adults with ADHD, Studying, and Losing Weight?

Adderall helps ADHD, studying, and weight loss

ADHD Stimulant Adderall Pills

Adderall is a prescription medication that is taken for both on and off label reasons to help treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, enhance studying sessions, and to help reduce body fat.

Although drugs can have serious side effects when taken without a doctor’s approval many people choose to take medications that are not legally obtained. People try to obtain pills like Adderall because they contain amphetamines that can speed up someone’s cognitive processes, enhance weight loss, and increase dopamine production in their brain. There will always be those who seek out short cuts to boost their grades and with the recent increase in people being diagnosed with ADD/ADHD it’s popularity seems to be higher than ever now.

ADHD is a very common form of mental illness that has varying rates and causes which is treated with medications like Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta, and Vyvance when it is considered a biological cause in our brain. (a physical problem and not just something we can work out with therapy) Besides the use of drugs like Adderall though ADD is also treated with psychological sessions seeing a therapist, although this is often bypassed. The last possible way to treat ADHD other than drugs or therapy may be through our diet. By eating foods that are high in essential fats and low in trans fats for example could lead to less symptoms; A complete overhaul of our diet may even cure ADHD although there are no studies with this exact objective.

How Does Adderall Help Someone Who Has ADHD to Help Them Focus?

ADD is a complicated topic as some people do not even believe it is real, most likely it is real but may not be quite as prevalent as some may think. For those people who do indeed have a biological case of ADHD they suffer from an issue that stems from the underproduction of a brain neurotransmitter named dopamine. Drugs like Adderall and Ritalin boost this brain chemical and thus can effectively treat ADD for many people. Unfortunately dopamine boosting drugs whether legal or illegal are also addictive because dopamine controls the reward system of our brain which makes us feel good. Nearly all drugs that cause addiction increase the amount of dopamine in our brains including in amphetamines (speed), cocaine, and morphine. Addictive over the counter stimulants such as caffeine and nicotine have also been shown in studies to increase dopamine levels which can help treat ADHD symptoms. Although they show promise, they have never been prescribed as remedies by doctors up until this point. That does not mean that they don’t work necessarily, but at this time there is not enough research proving it’s effectiveness.ADHD Symptoms and Side Effects

How does Adderall Help you Study if You Don’t Have ADD?

Studying can sometimes be a boring task which stimulants like Adderall or natural energy boosters help to enable us to work more quickly, efficiently, and for a longer amount of time. Prescription stimulant drugs facilitate this type of performance because they increase the amount of adrenaline and dopamine in our brain which can help people function better writing papers and taking exams even if they do not have ADD. Taking medications similar to these though is not a guarantee on any level of helping someone get better grades, in fact these drugs could very well even cause a negative effect on someone’s performance for various reasons. There is evidence of Ritalin for example having either no effect or a negative effect on children who take this drug in terms of how they performed with their grades. This doesn’t mean that stimulant drugs comparable to Adderall XR cannot improve grades, but instead that many people won’t get the results that they were hoping for. Without the proper organizational skills and goals being set it doesn’t matter if someone can work longer and faster than other people as their work will never amount to anything without a plan and execution.

How Does Adderall Help You Lose Weight?


Adderall helps someone lose weight because it is technically an amphetamine which on the street is called “speed.” Amphetamines cause people to lose weight because they have multiple effects on our body that can result in weight loss. There are many stories online of people buying Adderall with a prescription for ADD but also taking it for weight loss. It is important to remember that these drugs can have side effects and are also known to cause abuse. With that said it helps someone reduce body fat from these three effects:

Appetite Suppressants Reduce the Amount of Food we Eat

When we consume powerful stimulants they often have an extremely strong effect in our brain on the production of a hormone named Leptin which controls our hunger. Strong types of speed like Adderall can totally eliminate someone’s hunger making fat loss very easy, but not necessarily healthy.

Thermogenic Effect

Thermogenic fat loss is when we are actually burning off calories from the increased heat that our body produces. This effect makes the user feel warm and sweat as the people taking it are literally burning off fat.

Increased Energy Levels

Because of the improved energy abilities people taking stimulants also lose more weight because they can work out longer and at a higher intensity.
Adult men and women go to drastic measures to enable that they get where they want to go in life. Whether it is to make us healthier or look better everyone is searching for something. Sometimes what we do may not be the healthiest thing possible but it allows us to excel in certain ways like Adderall does. If we use such drugs we should only have a prescription and take it the way that a doctor has prescribed it for. If people are taking stimulant drugs for off label reasons they can expect small side effects to eventually cause much worse problems both physically and psychologically. Start dosages low and don’t mix them with other stimulants such as cocaine and ecstasy as Adderall already effects our heart in a strong way. If we respect the power of both herbal and synthetic stimulants for the power they that they have we can best use them to enhance our lives.

by Thomas Lartin